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Level Effect

We're using base elements of technology to solve complex security problems.

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Who We Are

Level Effect is creating a dynamic shift in proactive defense with endpoint-enabled network visibility. Don’t restrict your awareness to just the host. Analyze, investigate, and remediate threats across the network. Phalanx is designed to dynamically deny adversaries the ability to move and maintain persistence in your network.

Delivered as a cloud solution, Phalanx requires no hardware, maintenance, downtime, or system reboots to observe, detect, and deny threats. Delivered in an extremely lightweight agent.

Phalanx is the industry's first defensive botnet.

About Us

Level Effect

A shift in the defensive endpoint

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The Team

A different perspective on network defense

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Products and Services

Deploy consistent security with Level Effect


Lightweight and easy to install network visibility

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Managed Security Services

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Our Thoughts

Musings, research, and info we'd like to share with the community


We had a fun time with Brett Piatt and co. at CyberTalkRadio right before the holidays. You can check out the link to the recording here: Episode 65 ...

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Thanks for stopping by! The members of Level Effect come from various backgrounds, but we all have roots in the U.S. Intelligence Community. We hope to share some of our insight on what we’re working on, research, code, and any other related happenings here on this blog. ...

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