• Level Effect Instructors’ Spotlight: Learn Cyber Defense from Former NSA Analysts

    Picture this: you just moved into a new apartment with neighbors you don’t even know and on a street that you’ve never even heard of until you came across the apartment listing. One night in your first week, you forgot to lock your door.Because […]

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    Picture 20 chessboards set up next to each other. A single player stands on one side of them. On the other side, 20 players stand ready to attack. Put simply, it’s one versus 20.In chess, this is called the simultaneous exhibition. The mechanics […]

  • Level Effect: Training the Next Generation of Cyber Security Experts

    According to intelligence firm Risk Based Security, data breaches in 2020 led to the exposure of 36 billion records, and that’s for the first semester alone. Indeed, cyberspace has seen an alarming rise in cybercrimes, most of which resulted in […]

  • 5 Ways DevOps Improves Security

    What is DevOps again?DevOps (Development Operations) is defined in many ways and some folks are really passionate about it. To keep terms simple, I define DevOps as a mesh between software development and software deployment operations. It’s on a […]