Open Doors Sponsorship

Education should be accessible. 

As a company, we’ve committed a portion of each cohort for accessible education, ensuring we remove financial barriers for those who are most in need by sponsoring one student fully to attend the bootcamp. Partial sponsorships are based on cohort capacity and needs. 

Everyone has unique backgrounds and struggles, so we’ve put no parameters on who can apply for a full or partial tuition sponsorship. 

If you are passionate about Cyber Security and face barriers to accessing financing or funding your education, apply for a Level Effect Open Doors Sponsorship and attend our Cyber Defense Analyst Bootcamp.

Submit your details before August 1st, 2021 to be considered for the fall 2021 bootcamp. 

, Open Doors Sponsorship

Want to sponsor a seat?

Remove barriers to education with us and sponsor a seat in our bootcamp.
Work with our team to build your own sponsorship package.