Cybersecurity Foundations

This free foundations course is perfect if you are interested in a career in Cybersecurity. With over 12 hours of content, you’ll develop a solid base and understanding to get started in this industry.

Learn about risk and how to manage and evaluate it! this is the very foundation of everything in Cybersecurity.

You'll also learn about compliance and perform your own risk assessment of an organization.

Approx. time to complete: 4h

Start off with learning about the contexts of cyber security and the role it plays in business operations today.

Learn a short history of Cyber Security, how systems developed and how we got to where we are today in the world. You'll learn about today's most prevalent cyber risks and cyber threats. 

Approx. time to complete: 2h

Windows OS is used in over 85% of businesses in the US, which is why having a thorough understanding of the OS and the tools needed to investigate in Windows in essential in Cyber.

Start with learning about Windows GUI, taskbar, start menu, task manager, command prompts and finish off with an introduction to powershell and Linux OS. 

Approx time to complete: 3h 

Understanding how machines interact with one another in a network is essential in Cyber, and it's over the wire where malware spreads and can be contained.

Learn network fundamentals, connections, devices, network addressing, ports, protocols and introduce yourself to one of the industry's most relevant tools - Wireshark. 

Approx time to complete: 3h 

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