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Phalanx Defensive Botnet

Network security is hard. Security analysts need to have network, host, analytic, research, and investigative skill sets. Phalanx takes the fragmented data from these separate sources and combines them into one cohesive picture for the analyst. It also provides context and supporting information to help prove why an event is actually abnormal.

Phalanx Agent

  • Network visibility + host visibility + security analytics = win
  • Limits the abuse of insecure protocols through our unique packet tagging mechanisms
  • Obtains an enterprise-grade security operations capability with network and host visibility
  • Reduces the dwell time attackers maintain persistence in your network
  • Manages alert fatigue through forensic interrogation between the cloud and phalanx agents

Phalanx Deployment
  • No hardware, extra licenses, or hidden fees
  • No system reboots or down time
  • Small resource footprint
  • Deploy quickly and at scale, with virtually nothing to manage
  • Headless agent so as not to bother users

Managed Security Services

Utilize Level Effect as a managed security partner on top of the Phalanx platform. Level Effect's team of analysts and security researchers leverage their unique intelligence experience as a consistent service to augment your security operations.

  • Dedicated personnel for proactive discovery and response to threats on your network
  • Identify emerging threats and prioritize response strategy
  • Provide guidance on next-steps for remediation and resolution